What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios?

What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios? The main reason for the deliciousness of pistachios is its high fat content. The main reason for the more deliciousness of Iranian pistachios is that they are fatter , and the main reason for that is the height of the pistachios farms areas in Iran. The height of pistachio cultivation in Iranian pistachio orchards is from 800 to 2000 meters above sea level, and this height causes a large temperature difference between day and night, low air pressure and lower relative humidity, and causes better concentration and movement of vegetable sap.

What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios 1

What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios

This factor has made Iranian pistachios one of the most delicious pistachios in the world. For several years, American pistachios have surpassed Iran in production and are conquering world markets one after another. Therefore, it seems that Iranian pistachios can make good use of this competitive advantage (taste) and still have something to say in global markets.

What is the most delicious type of pistachios?

Among the colorful Iranian pistachios, the best and most delicious type of pistachio is Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. This cultivar of pistachio, which has an elongated shape, is among the most delicious pistachios in Iran and also in the world due to having a lot of useful fat in it.

In which cities is high quality Iranian pistachio produced?

High quality pistachio, Iranian pistachio which is famous not only in Iran but also in the world in terms of taste and shape is the best type of pistachio in Rafsanjan.

The history of pistachio cultivation in Rafsanjan is more than a thousand years and has long been traded between China and Western countries.

Rafsanjan pistachio also has a very ancient reputation in Iran. And it can almost be said that many compatriots have tasted the greed of this pistachio and in many circles and gatherings they have welcomed their guests with Rafsanjan pistachio.

Before the revolution, when there was a great focus on Iran’s export and agricultural development, Rafsanjan city has been very much in the government’s plan to industrialize pistachios and grow the country’s exports and agriculture. For this reason, Rafsanjan has industrial facilities for pistachio agriculture, such as pistachio salting machines or smiling water or packaging, which is a very powerful infrastructure and improves the quality and taste of pistachios.

You may have heard a lot that the best pistachio in the world is Iranian pistachio. Really, why and for what reason has this important competitive feature been acquired by Iran? Why is Iranian pistachio more delicious than other countries in the world?

What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios

What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios

Ways to identify high quality nuts

The best way to recognize good nuts is to taste them. Taste each nut before buying. Of course, you should not be too sure of this way. Because most nuts are a little spoiled and tasting too much may not always be the solution. Nuts with a spicy, very salty or sour taste are not suitable.

Because by roasting old nuts with lemon juice or other spices, it prevents the customer from recognizing its antiquity and hides its main taste. Also, the old taste and longevity are other signs of old nuts. Any pungent odor, moisture or odor is a warning sign for recognizing old nuts. One of the prominent sellers of nuts in Rafsanjan introduces the solution of recognizing good nuts as follows: “The taste and freshness of nuts is the most important feature of good nuts.

The best pistachio cultivar in Iran

To find the best variety of pistachios and high quality pistachios, we must introduce the most types of pistachios in Rafsanjan. In Jahar city, pistachio type: Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari pistachio, Kalleghoochi pistachio and hazelnut pistachio have the highest frequency of production and quality. Of course, there are other varieties of pistachios such as premium pistachios, pistachios, Rezaei, Sabz pistachios, Seif al-Dini, Sirizi, Herati and Badami pistachios, which are not significant. Most pistachios have the volume of exports. The pistachio cultivar is hazelnut. And in second place is Ahmad Aghaei pistachio cultivar.

The best pistachio cultivar in terms of production quality and resistance of pistachio graft is Ahmad Aghaei, which is an important part of exports and a significant part of nuts. And the best pistachio in the world in terms of quality, taste and beauty only in the region Nogh Rafsanjan can be found that the largest pistachio orchards in the world are located in this area.

What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios

What is the most Delicious Type of Pistachios

Types of pistachios in the Iranian market

In general, there are two types of pistachios in our country’s pistachio market:

Raw  mail : Raw mail gives the buyer its true taste because it does not undergo any operation before delivery. If this type of pistachio stays in one place for a long time, it will smell stale and old and the buyer will not go to it at all.
Salty  pistachios : Posts that undergo pre-sale operations are also called roasted. These pies are roasted with lemon essence and salt. Their appearance attracts attention and naturally many people like the taste of this type of pistachio more. But these posts are not always of good quality. Depending on the price, you may be able to buy old, closed, or small-sized pistachios by mistake.

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