Pistachio Price 2022 in Iran + Affecting Factors

Pistachio Price 2022 in Iran + Affecting Factors ; In this article, we review the price of pistachios in the Iranian and world markets in 2022 and examine the factors affecting the price of pistachios and the reasons for the increase in its price in the market.

Pistachio Price 2022

Pistachio Price 2022

Pistachio price (Feb. 2022)

Wholesale pistachio prices in Iran

Pistachio type Price per kilo (Tomans) Ounces
Pistachio Akbari 290,000 20-22
Pistachio Akbari 284,000 22-24
Pistachio Abbas Ali Damghan 265,000 22-24
Pistachio Abbas Ali Damghan 253,000 24-26
Pistachio Abbas Ali Damghan 240,000 26-28
Pistachio Abbas Ali Damghan 225,000 28-30
Pistachio head ram 275,000 20-22
Pistachio head ram 267,000 22-24
Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei 250,000 24-26
Dagger pistachio 200,000 24-26
Hazelnut pistachio 200,000 30-32

Factors affecting the price of pistachios

1- Pistachio size (ounce of pistachio)

An ounce of pistachio or the size of a pistachio is a numerical measure of its size. To calculate pistachio ounces, 142 grams of pistachios are divided into 5 groups. The number of these groups determines the pistachio ounce. For example, Akbari pistachio, which has a large size, has 20-22 ounces, and hazelnut pistachio, which has a small size, has 28-30 ounces.

The lower the ounce of pistachio, or in other words, the larger the size of the pistachio, the higher the price. For example, the price of Akbari pistachio ounce 20-22 is higher than other pistachios. Usually, Akbari and Koleghoochi pistachios are lower than Ahmad Aghaei and Hazelnut varieties.

  • ounce between 20 and 22: Very large
  • ounce between 22-24: Coarse
  • ounce between 24-26: Medium
  • ounce above 26: Fine

Most pistachios of 28 ounces and above are offered in the pistachio exchange. You can get more information in the pistachio exchange training article.

2- Pistachio type

There are different types of pistachios. Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Hazelnut, Koleghoochi and Abbas Ali are just a few examples of pistachio types. In an article, we talked about different types of pistachios and ways to identify them . In general, most of these names have become brands that affect the pricing of pistachios. For example, just the name of Akbari pistachio as a well-formed and delicious pistachio, regardless of the quality of pistachios, certainly affects its pricing.

Most Important Points when Buying Bulk Pistachios

3- Appearance of pistachio (bony pistachio skin)

Another factor affecting the price of pistachios is its appearance. Certainly, pistachios with white, clean and spotless bone skin will have a much better price than pistachios with broken, yellow, dull and dark skin. For this reason, when harvesting pistachios, experienced workers should be used so that they can harvest pistachios correctly so that they do not get stained. Pistachio processing process (peeling, drying, etc.) if not done properly and with quality equipment may cause pistachio skin to break and stain.

4- Smiling pistachios

Pistachios that have an acceptable smile and whose kernels are more visible will also have a higher price. If pistachios are harvested at the right time and are good cultivars, pistachios will naturally break and show off their bony skin. Unfortunately, in the market, some people sell smiling water pistachios to customers at the price of natural smiling pistachios. Smiling water pistachios are pistachios that do not open naturally and are created by heat shock from placing pistachios in hot water and immersing them in cold water.

5- Old or fresh pistachios

The term pistachio this year refers to the fact that pistachio is this year’s crop. Pistachios that are left for more than a year have an unpleasant odor and taste that is caused by the spoilage of fat in pistachios. Many brokers roast their leftover pistachios with salt or other spices so that they do not taste bad. Some people use pills to increase the shelf life of pistachios. In general, the price of pistachios this year is always higher than other pistachios.

6- Pistachio emptiness rate

Although empty pistachios are separated in pistachio processing workshops these days, until recently, the presence of empty pistachios reduced the price of pistachios.